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Spring Dig Started!
March 25, 2017

Spring Dig Started!

Spring dig has started, do you have your order in yet?

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Loyal Customers
April 11, 2016

Loyal Customers

What are we doing to assist our loyal customers in accessing the plants they need to maximize their business opportunities- •I am encouraging our landscape customers to place their orders as soon as they have the project signed to ensure availability as well as provide us time to bring plants in to meet the demand. •While we have not turned away new customers; we have not called on new customers increasing sales with our existing customer base. •Glacier Nursery, Inc. production has increased significantly in container trees and perennials well above pre-recession levels. •We have eliminated some species and sizes that have had historically low sales and increased our production on the remaining species and sizes to meet higher demand. •We have redoubled our efforts through production and attendance bonuses to maximize the output of our existing labor. •We have increased the wages of our crew members to improve employee retention and insure an adequate supply of labor to increase production.

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Glacier Nursery, Inc. is a wholesale plant business supplying wholesale nurseries, retail nurseries, landscape contractors, golf courses and municipalities with hardy, premium grade Northern Rocky Mountain nursery stock. We offer over 1000 varieties of trees, shrubs, fruits, roses, perennials, vines and evergreens. We have over 2,000 spring dug B&B trees and 250,000 containers in our yard on May 1st, ready for immediate shipping throughout the summer. This saves you from having to maintain a costly inventory.
You will find on this website a plant selection guide with photos, availability information, tips, and more. We are proud to offer quality plants at competitive prices. With convenient and timely deliveries to your yard or job site throughout the planting season, we help you stay on schedule. There is no minimum order, so you can order only what you need. Volume discounts are available on many varieties.

We thrive on customer service! If you have specific requirements for plants, our trained plant professionals will personally help you to select the plants you need. Let us be your personal shopper.